Are you cheating on your bank yet?

Using MONI is so easy it feels a little bit naughty. Set up in minutes, send money in seconds and get a loan faster than your bank can say “unexpected account fees”.

Moni Superpowers

Give your money superpowers

Every time you spend in-store or online, you know your MONI card will work, wherever you are in the world. Imagine you’re travelling (nice right?). You get paid into your MONI account because you know it’ll get to you faster. You go and use your MONI card to pay your tab because the money is available instantly. It works and the bartender smiles, but you play it cool. You may not be Superman, but your money did just fly around the world in less than a second.

Your finances at your fingertips

You know the way you spend, save and get paid all have a huge impact on your life. But every time you log into your bank, all you get are lines, numbers and fees. MONI puts your financial life at your fingertips, with a beautiful app that tells you what you spend, when and how. With the MONI app, the way your money works has never been clearer, and it’s all in the palm of your hand.


When it comes to your MONI, the only boss is you

Feel secure by choosing how much is on your card. Whether you are travelling or shopping online, know that you are in charge with MONI. If you run into some bad luck, you know that you can shut off your MONI card with a touch in your app. Set limits, get smart reports and stay on top of your finances with MONI, because you’re in charge.

The new MONI is live in Finland and coming to Europe!

We are all about listening to our customers, because we know that building the future of personal banking is not a decision by us, it is by you. So, if you would like to have your banking services accessible 24/7 on your mobile phone, a globally accepted card for payments, if you think setting up a modern banking account should take about 2 minutes, and if you think helping your friends, family, neighbours and colleagues financially should be cost and interest free, then MONI is for you.

Please sign up for our waiting list and tell us where you are from, your vote will make a difference and help bring MONI to your country. Give your money superpowers!

The new MONI is coming to Europe! Sign-up for the waiting list here.