Your security is our priority

With innovative features, best practice security standards and leading financial partners, your money is safe and sound with MONI.

Moni card

Your money is in the best hands

We know that your money can’t just be fast and smart, it needs to be safe, so we apply industry best practice to managing your personal details, transactions and services.

Moni card

You have the A-team in your corner

MONI cards work in the industry leading MasterCard network to give you access to over 30 million places to shop worldwide. MONI has passed stringent security requirements with flying colors.

Moni card

With the MONI app, you’re the master of your money

If you lose your card you are able to block it via your app and get notifications about use attempts. Because you choose how much money you put on the card, there are no surprises.

The new MONI is live in Finland and coming to Europe!

We are all about listening to our customers, because we know that building the future of personal banking is not a decision by us, it is by you. So, if you would like to have your banking services accessible 24/7 on your mobile phone, a globally accepted card for payments, if you think setting up a modern banking account should take about 2 minutes, and if you think helping your friends, family, neighbours and colleagues financially should be cost and interest free, then MONI is for you.

Please sign up for our waiting list and tell us where you are from, your vote will make a difference and help bring MONI to your country. Give your money superpowers!

The new MONI is coming to Europe! Sign-up for the waiting list here.