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Fees Summary & Spending Limits


MONI provides several cost-free features to make your life easier and more affordable.

Signing up 0,00 €
MONI account usage 0,00 €
Loans between MONI accounts 0,00 €
Sending money between MONI accounts 0,00 €
Receiving salary to your MONI account 0,00 €
Receiving funds to your MONI account 0,00 €
Blocking and unblocking your MONI account 0,00 €


Card fees are charged from your MONI account balance only – we don’t send bills. Any overdraft caused by service fees will not be charged. Please revise the Fees Summary below. These fees originate from our card issuer and we’re working hard to make them considerably lower for you.

MONI PREPAID MASTERCARD FEES Without identity verification Identity verification completed
MONI Prepaid Mastercard delivery fee  5,00 €  5,00 €
MONI account balance top up with VISA/Mastercard® Debit or Credit, or American Express card (Euro)   2%   2%
MONI account balance top up fee with VISA/Mastercard® Debit or Credit, or American Express card (non-Euro)    2%  + 1,5% currency exchange    2%  + 1,5% currency exchange
 ATM cash withdrawal fee (Euro) For verified users only  1,5€
ATM cash withdrawal fee (non-Euro) For verified users only  2,0€ + 1,5% currency exchange
Payment with card (Euro) 0,50 € 0,00 €
Payment with card (non-Euro)  1,00 € + 1,5% currency exchange 0,50 € + 1,5% currency exchange
 Monthly card fee 2,00 € 2,00 €

Additional services Fee
Unlocking a MONI card through support  15 €
Card replacement  20 €

Please note that ATM withdrawals and the use of the MONI card at Foreign Exchanges are permitted for verified user accounts only.


The withdraw maximum is 500€ per day.

 ATM cash withdrawal fee (Euro)  1,5€
ATM cash withdrawal fee (non-Euro)  2,0€ + 1,5% currency exchange