MONI is smart, so you don’t have to be

MONI works on every device, and it’s built with you in mind. That makes it easy to get smarter with your money, without going to business school.

Your MONI works everywhere

Wherever you are in the world, you know MONI will work. Top up your card on the go to buy milk, or get a loan at the backpackers and have it ready to spend at the bar.

Moni card

Spending doesn’t get better than this

Pay with your MONI Prepaid MasterCard and have no worries – thanks to the MasterCard network, it works everywhere, from online retailers to the corner shop. MONI is a prepaid card, so anyone can get one – and because you decide how much money you put on it, you always stay in control.

Give your MONI a top-up

There are three easy ways to top up your MONI.

MONI keeps you looking good

Welcome your cash to the 21st century. With the MONI card and app, you stay smart and ahead of the curve.

Stay connected to your cash with MONI

With real-time transfers, a banking app that you actually want to use and a card that’s accepted everywhere, you can feel good with MONI.

Your MONI is faster than their money

Your MONI card is paired with a powerful app that gives you immediate access to your money. With a few swipes you can see balances, borrow and pay, all while your friends are still trying to log in to their bank. Don’t feel too sorry for them though – they’ll catch up eventually.

It’s the future, so why not pay with your phone?

We’ve got computers in our pockets, robot vacuums and are surely not far from having hoverboards too, so paying with your phone should be a breeze. At MONI we’re pretty futuristic, so you can use your mobile to send a few bucks to a friend, split the bill at the dinner table or pay your electricity bill. Now you just need to get your hands on a hoverboard.

Moni card
Send money

Sending money should be as easy as sending a text

Send money with free, instant transfers between MONI users, and attach a message to give your money meaning.

Moni card
Receive money

Smarter than most banks

Loans from friends, payday? With MONI, as soon as you get paid from anybody, you can get spending. And you can track your spending with real time transactions and notifications from every purchase.

MONI features

MONI is designed to keep you in charge of your cash – with the card and app combo, you can keep tabs on your money and spend it as you like.

The new MONI is live in Finland and coming to Europe!

We are all about listening to our customers, because we know that building the future of personal banking is not a decision by us, it is by you. So, if you would like to have your banking services accessible 24/7 on your mobile phone, a globally accepted card for payments, if you think setting up a modern banking account should take about 2 minutes, and if you think helping your friends, family, neighbours and colleagues financially should be cost and interest free, then MONI is for you.

Please sign up for our waiting list and tell us where you are from, your vote will make a difference and help bring MONI to your country. Give your money superpowers!

The new MONI is coming to Europe! Sign-up for the waiting list here.