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Senior Android Developer (Helsinki)

Are you the Android Developer MONI is looking for?


We are looking for an experienced Android Developer to work with us as a full time part of our team in Helsinki.


Job description

Your responsibilities will be:



Developing, planning and implementing future versions of our Android mobile application.

Desired personal qualities:


  • Genuine interest in software development and a constant drive to improve yourself.
  • Strong product ownership and responsibility.
  • An eye for details – it bothers you if UI elements don’t look or feel right.
  • Opinionated on the best approach to solving problems, yet curious and open to exploring new directions.
  • Team player with good people and organizational skills.

Technical requirements:


  • Minimum of five (5) years of professional experience on developing software and applications of which a minimum of three (3) years should be mobile development.
  • Solid understanding of software architecture and engineering.
  • Expert knowledge of core Java (and preferably at least one other language too), Android SDK and nuances of Android platform.
  • Strong experience with concurrency, caching/persistence models and implementing network (RESTful) clients.
  • Good knowledge of UI layer and ability to work with designers to implement pixel-perfect UI designs.
  • Comfort with and personal preference for agile development model.

Nice to have:


  • Knowledge about modern and emerging UI architectures (keywords: MVI, reactive, unidirectional data flow, etc.).
  • Kotlin experience.
  • Low-level skills (C / C++, intimate knowledge about language/VM internals, memory management, etc.) are valued!

Inquiries and job applications

Please contact us directly at [email protected] for further information and questions about this position. Remember to title your mail as “Senior Android Developer for MONI”.


Job applications should include links to your Linkedin profile, online resume & portfolio, and github and stackoverflow profiles (if applicable).