MONI does everything, and still fits in your pocket

Imagine an app that made your money faster, a card that made your money global and a payment account that made your money smarter, all in the palm of your hand.

Who’s in your Circle of Trust?

Help the people closest to you, no matter how far away they are.

The Circle of Trust is a simple concept with powerful results. Choose the people you would loan money to, set the maximum amount you would loan, and they do the same. If any of your friends needs a little help for an overdraft, they can see what’s available, borrow it, and find the money available instantly. Or if they would like to ask for a loan, it's as easy as pushing a button on the app. There are no fees or interest on loans between friends and we keep count of who owes who. So, you can help each other without all the usual the hassle.

Moni card and phone

See your money like never before

Your cash should keep up with you, and look good doing it

We know your money needs to be fast and make sense, so we paired your MONI card with an app that does it all. Keep track of your spending in real time and get notifications from every purchase. Transfers between MONI users are instant and ready to spend straight away.


Smile while you’re spending

Your money matters to us, so we worked hard to make MONI the safest way to spend online or in stores.

MONI cards work in the MasterCard network, and are secured by industry standard best practices, so you know it’s as safe as a bank - and a whole lot smarter. We also added a few neat tricks, like locking your card from your phone if it's lost, and letting you know if someone tries to use it afterwards. MONI is perfect for travelling and online shopping and because you choose how much money you have on the card, there are no nasty surprises.

Moni card and phone

Pay invoices on the fly

With MONI you can pay your invoices fast, and everywhere.

Invoices are not usually the highlight of your day, but with MONI you can at least pay them with ease. Just fill in the invoice details in your app and with couple of clicks you’re done. And you can do this anywhere - on the bus, in a cafe or on your sofa. Very handy.

Why is everyone waiting for MONI?

From shoppers to big business, more and more people want to switch to MONI because it's fast, affordable and convenient.

The new MONI is live in Finland and coming to Europe!

We are all about listening to our customers, because we know that building the future of personal banking is not a decision by us, it is by you. So, if you would like to have your banking services accessible 24/7 on your mobile phone, a globally accepted card for payments, if you think setting up a modern banking account should take about 2 minutes, and if you think helping your friends, family, neighbours and colleagues financially should be cost and interest free, then MONI is for you.

Please sign up for our waiting list and tell us where you are from, your vote will make a difference and help bring MONI to your country. Give your money superpowers!

The new MONI is coming to Europe! Sign-up for the waiting list here.