We are MONI

We are the future of
personal banking.

In the future, the demand for the financial services will grow, but various service interactions will change radically.

Both poorly served first world bank customers and the unbanked of many developing markets will all appreciate easy, cost-efficient, and mobile financial services. MONI is building the tools for the future of personal banking.

Our values


Honesty requires openness. The terms, costs and rewards of any transaction, large or small, must be transparent to all sides. And easy to compare with other transactions on offer.


Traditional personal financial services have become complex, hard to compare, and the word service seems to have been forgotten. Our job is to make things understandable and easy to use.


We know we have taken on a major mission, but we are confident we will succeed. We are not alone in striving to build a different, fairer future.


The future will not be built on the power of the few, but on the power of billions. We strive to help, and inspire others to help. The sharing economy will behave very differently from what has gone before.

A team that works
to change the world.

The MONI team is currently nine people who share a passion for being on the forefront of how banking will be evolutionised. We have broad expertise in all our core areas, focusing on innovation and the constant improvement of our offering.

Antti Pennanen


Jani Kajala


Ilkka Montin


José Fernández


Pauliina Lämsä


Jeremias Ylirotu


Teemu Suopelto


Jyrki Reinikka


Jalmari Jalasvirta


Our investors

Changing the world by yourself is hard. We are happy that our mission is shared and backed by a great group of angel investors and top tier international VCs.

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