The Finnish Immigration Service chose MONI’s smart payment service for refugees

We are happy to announce that MONI has been chosen by the Finnish Immigration Service to be a partner in its pilot programs seeking new efficiencies. MONI will provide refugees with MONI Prepaid MasterCards and mobile-first, customisable payment accounts.

Our MONI prepaid cards are used to replace the current cash payments of government benefits, which are not safe, nor cheap by any means. When the refugees eventually get jobs, their salaries can be paid to MONI accounts as well. The fact that it took only one month from idea to pilot execution is proof of the strength of the MONI platform.

Says Jouko Salonen, CAO of the Finnish Immigration Service: “As the refugee influx in all EU countries is growing, finding ways to create efficiencies via modern technology in payments, is a welcome change, and at the end of day not a solution only for Finland, but for all European countries.”

Our founder Antti Pennanen welcomes also co-operation with other start-ups: “Start-ups working together can find smart solutions re-engineering the refugee situation for everyone’s benefit. The refugees don’t claim asylum, they claim the right to become a contributor to the society and this is what we all want to enable.”

So, if you're interested in being part of the solution, you know who to contact.