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Equal banking for everyone.

Everybody should have a bank account. People should have an easy way to help their friends and family financially. The financial services should be available worldwide, accessible even without the Internet. We are part of the movement building this future.

An account and banking on every mobile.

Half the world’s population is underbanked. With our unique technology, accessible from any feature or smartphone, we enable every citizen to identify themselves and provide them with basic financial services. Our technology works today, on any carrier network, anywhere in the world.

We believe in the culture of helping. We trust that people want to help each other, and with full transparency in every financial transaction we are confident that geographical distance will become irrelevant. We are on a mission to bring back the idea of a community, of helping your friends, family, neighbours and colleagues, all over the world. Charitable giving is also made simple. Money donated will go directly where it’s needed, not into hands seeking profit.

We believe in safe, secure and cost-efficient financial services easily accessed by everyone worldwide. With our state of the art technology, combined with our team constantly striving for excellence, we have all the ingredients to reach our goals.

Sometimes it is better to build things from scratch.

We do not believe in the anarchy of destructing the old, we believe in future-proof evolution; we are building a hub connecting the current banking and payment systems to the new systems such as cryptocurrencies. Our technology reduces system complexity, cuts out middlemen, reduces costs for all parties, even decreases fraud. We will be the first financial institution to move to a completely decentralised architecture.

We have built our technology on mobile carrier networks as this infrastructure already exists globally. The MONI technology works on every phone, without the Internet, without an app. Everywhere around the world.

This is the MONI account of the future.

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