Game changers of finance

MONI creates smart, personal banking tools for everyone, everywhere.

Our simple, low-cost banking tools make it easier for people to pay securely for their purchases, offline or online, send money to friends, receive money, get credit, withdraw cash, and have mobile access to their MONI account.

MONI is currently live in Europe!

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The age of mobile fosters
sharing culture.

Tools we built are designed to aid you find simple financial solutions within your social circles. We provide easy and direct ways to help your friends or family, wherever and whenever they need it.


banking technology.

Our secure payment network uses both old and new technologies, such as cryptocurrencies to make processing payments faster, cheaper and more secure across multiple platforms, including feature phones and smartphones.


MONI enables real-time banking with the ability to connect everyone to reliable personal financial services.

Works on every phone

The MONI technology works on every phone, without the Internet, without an app. Everywhere around the world.

Cutting business costs

Our technology reduces system complexity, cuts out middlemen, reduces costs for all parties, even decreases fraud.

Yes, we are open for business.

Want to change the future of finance? We are looking for new business partners. Get in touch and become a game-changer with us!

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MONI is building the future of personal banking.

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